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Real Estate Investing Morning Show ( REI Investment in Canada )

Apr 29, 2020

Calvin Hexter, realtor with the Mogul Realty Group, shares his top tips why you need an investment realtor on your team.

Apr 27, 2020

Coleman Washbrook returns to the podcast to show you how to make money with short term rentals (Airbnb)

Apr 22, 2020

Interview with James Knull, Realtor/Owner with the Mogul Realty. We talked about his investments in multifamily and suited properties and his mini retirements.

Apr 20, 2020

Coleman Washbrook is an Airbnb expert in Edmonton, Alberta. He's here to share an introduction to Short Term Rentals and how to attract great customers.

Apr 10, 2020

In this interview, Patrick and Zorya Belanger of BREI Properties share how they balance being parents and employees while growing their investment portfolio. We also talked about their passion for multifamily investing.