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Real Estate Investing Morning Show ( REI Investment in Canada )

Jul 25, 2019

Drew became an accidental real estate investor when he bought his first property at the age of 19. Months after making the purchase, circumstances changed in his life and he needed to move to Edmonton from Saskatchewan for work. He continued managing that property out of province and everything that could have went wrong did so. He ended up holding onto that property for five years before selling it. Drew considers that property his character builder.

The lessons he learned early on were what shaped him into the sophisticated real estate investor he is now. He now permanently resides in Edmonton with his wife Trisha where he owns and operates his successful real estate investment business, Streamline Equities.

In this interview Drew shares his views on parenting and operating an investment business. He also shares a story about a flip property in Stony Plain, Alberta that failed to sell. Drew and his partner found a creative way to lease that property with an option to purchase (also known as Rent to Own).

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