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Real Estate Investing Morning Show ( REI Investment in Canada )

Sep 20, 2019

In this episode I got the opportunity to speak with Liliam and Rolando Davila. They had so much wisdom to share it’s unbelievable. This interview was an hour and 26 minutes and it could have gone on for MUCH longer.

We talked about their investment business which includes infill projects and Rent to Own and we talked about their Staging business, “The Staging Place”, and the value staging can have on your rental and flipping business.

We also talked a lot about time management and finding your why?




“Start with Why” by Simon Sinek (Book)

Thomas Thurmeier – Small Business Legal Center – Asset Protection Lawyer

Anderson Haak and Engels – RE Law Firm

Claire Drage -  Mortgage Broker (Ontario)

Danelle Poitra Cole – Mortgage Broker

Shaune Impey – Mortgage Broker

Adam Benke – Realtor

Adam Bree-Realtor

Tyler Suchan – Realtor

Cindy Dooley (Central AB)- Realtor

Mogul Realty Group - Realtors

Tim Tsai – RTO and RE Mentor

Sharon Jhonson – Gadowsky and Associates  - CPA

The Staging Place – Staging